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Gray Dawntreader, AKA "Treader"

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Gray Dawntreader, AKA "Treader"
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(This glitter text was made for me by a friend on Dogster.)

(This page may be out-of-date, to get more current information on Treader, see his Dogster profile)

The Goofball
Treader got distracted by the lovely new dirt in the driveway

Gray Dawntreader, the shelter dog.

Gray Dawntreader

Treader is a 4 year old Papillon/Shetland Sheepdog(Sheltie) mix. I adopted him from the shelter in July 2007. He is a very very smart little guy and knows basic obedience, plus  several tricks. After we get past a few behavior problems, I plan to try the CGC test with him.
I switched him from commercial dog food over to prey model raw in September 2008. He has been doing well on this diet and I do not intend to switch him back to kibble at all.

Treader doing a sit-stay at the vet.
I was so proud of him. He obeyed almost perfectly! We're not that far away from that CGC title!

Treader learning the weaves:
I hope to have him compete in Agility someday

Treader enjoying his supper of pork ribs.

Treader is fed a 100% homeprepared prey model raw diet. This is a controversial diet, but we have experienced many benefits since we started, including a softer and shiner coat; smaller, firmer, and less frequent stool; cleaner teeth; and better breath. I feed it because I've seen the benefits first-hand.
Please note that whenever doing a homeprepared diet, you really need to know what you are doing. Thus it is important to really read up on a homeprepared diet before trying it, just as you should read up on breeding your dog before attempting it.

Sailing over the high jump!

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