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I've dedicated this website to educating people about reputable breeders, how to find a reputable breeder, and for those considering breeding their dogs, the basics of what they need to know first. The information contained on this site is based off of several years' research, discussion with other dog lovers (including some breeders), and thought on the subject.

Though I made this site for educational purposes, I believe strongly in encouraging others to think for themselves through researching all sides of an issue and using common sense. (Something that we're seeing less and less of these days!) So, consider this site just that, part of your own research. Read, consider, and come to your own conclusions, dear readers.

I named this site "Questdriven" to reflect my views on this issue. I must admit I am no longer as admiment about it as I was when this site was firs created as my interests have broadened since, but I do still think that more people should be aware of what's involved in responsible dog breeding and why it's important not to support irresponsible breeding.

Please note that this site is not a step-by-step instruction manual, especially since I have little experience whatsoever with actual breeding. To reiterate, for those who wish to breed their dog, this is simply a place to learn the basics.

Please note: You will notice that on some articles on this site I make use of the "'B' word", but there actually is a correct, nonoffensive use for it so no I am not swearing. I do not make use of profanity. The word means, basically, a female dog, usually one that is intact, has not been "spayed". It's a term among both show-dog people and breeders alike.


Of course, I can't just make a website and leave my own dogs out, so I've included a page or two for my dogs and posted some photographs of them.

What's New?

7/11/11 - Organized links page better. Planning to make some more improvements on it.
7/1/11 - Minor updates made to a few pages. Planning to improve the links page soon.
11/17/10 - Updated several pages and improved some things
11/08/09 - I put up some new photos on my dog's page, the photo/video album, and update the "about me" page.
9/16/09 - As suggested, I updated the order of page links in the navigation bar, and fixed some other minor problems. Various updates were added to the  following pages: "Reputable vs. Bad Breeder", "Questions to Aks a Breeder", and "Common Misconceptions about Reputable Breeders".
9/13/09 - Updated Cookie and Treader's pages
7/16/09 - Updated the "Polls" page and added an "About Me" page
7/13/09 - Updated "Common Misconceptions about Reputable Breeders"
4/7/09 - I added a page ("So, you want to be a breeder?"), and improved various sections of the site.
12/13/08 - It was brought my attention that I did not include what questions to ask a breeder. So I added a page on questions to ask a breeder and questions a breeder should ask you.

A German Shepherd puppy

This particular picture Abby K9. Click to see Abby's website.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

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