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Reputable Breeder vs. Bad Breeder
Questions to Ask a Breeder
Common Misconceptions about Reputable Breeders
So, you want to be a breeder?
Favorite Links
Burkett's Cookies 'n' Creme (Cookie)--in loving memory
Gray Dawntreader, AKA "Treader"
About the Owner of This Site

This is your place to give your opinions on certain issues.

Has Questdriven been a helpful site for you?
It's a good place to get another side of the issue.
No, but I like your dog's pages.
No. You need to get off your dang high horse! free polls

Are there any improvements you think should be added to Questdriven?
You need to add such-and-such information. (Please specify.)
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What is your opinion of reputable breeders?
Absolutely necessary! The breeds must stay healthy!
I don't like the idea of any breeders being around, but I'll put up with it.
No different than any other breeder. They all need to stop breeding. free polls

Where would you rather get a dog?
Rescue group
Reputable breeder
Any of the above
Anywhere I can find one free polls

A dog from the local shelter in our area.

Please answer this pole after reading my page about breeders.

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